Thankful 2018

This school year I am not any less thankful for anyone involved in our school. There was so much enjoyment in last years article (which you can read here), I will try to again to show our thanks for each person in our district.

  • Gina Hagge – We are thankful for Gina’s ability to instill a love of reading for our students. She works extremely diligently to ensure all the students she works with find a joy in reading.
  • Julie McCulloch – We are thankful for Julie’s patient demeanor. She continues to accept each challenge working with 17 seven year olds presents.
  • Alaura Rappenecker – We are thankful for Alaura’s the tranquil learning environment she creates in her classroom. Each student receives a great setting to learn in because of Alaura.  
  • Mackenzie Noble We are thankful for Mackenzie’s hard work during her long term subbing for Mrs. Rappenecker. Mackenzie’s tremendous effort has ensured a relaxing maternity leave for Mrs. Rappenecker and a seamless learning experience for each one of our 1st graders.
  • Sandy McElhinney – We are thankful for Sandy’s continuing to strive to improve her instruction for our students. Sandy understands how critical education is and is willing to pursue enhancement in her classroom.  
  • Jeremy Kral – We are thankful for Jeremy’s ability to handle any situation thrown his way. Jeremy’s ideas and follow through create an environment to handle anything.   
  • Kris Judd – We are thankful Kris chose Morning Sun. Kris is new to our district and has immediately had a positive impact on the culture in our building. Kris could have chosen to teach anywhere, but he chose Morning Sun. Kris has been a great addition to our district.
  • Amanda Clark – We are thankful Amanda’s work ethic. Amanda relentlessly pursues growth in her abilities. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Amanda.
  • Tammy Noble – We are thankful for Tammy’s mentoring. Tammy takes our staff and indoctrinates the long standing successful culture into each person. She is a large part of Morning Sun’s success and continued success.
  • Stephanie Whitaker – We are thankful for Stephanie’s ability to take on any challenge. Stephanie has spearheaded our professional development, provides support in each one of our classrooms weekly, and continues to improve her practices.
  • Kerry Bunnell – We are thankful for Kerry’s ability to build tremendous partnerships with her students, parents, and all staff. These valuable partnerships lead to success for her students in and out of the classroom.
  • Nancy Martin – We are thankful for Nancy’s ability to wear many hats and wear them well. Nancy seamlessly moves from music to TAG to Spanish everyday for our students.
  • Karen Edwards –We are thankful how proud Karen is of the work our students produce. Karen continuously displays our students art work in the halls and the lunch room. She posts these activities with pride.  
  • John Siegel – We are thankful for John’s ability to get the best out of each and every student. Whether it was the ‘70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, or 10’s John has adapted each decade to ensure he receives the best from students.
  • Sherry DeKlotz, Kim Hagge, & Kenna Greiner – We are thankful for Sherry, Kim, and Kenna’s ability to keep the school running. Each of these persons are the nuts and bolts of Morning Sun Elementary. They take care of each student and adult to ensure our tremendous learning opportunities can take place.
  • Kathy Bonar, Traci Lundvall, & Sara Gieselman – We are thankful for Kathy, Traci, and Sara’s work ethic and flexibility. Each and everyday they strive to give the students their best effort. On top of that Kathy, Traci, and Sara are willing to take on any challenge we ask of them.
  • Brian Fletcher & Troy Bonar – We are thankful for Brian and Troy’s pride in our building. New visitors to our building constantly are amazed at how clean it is. This cannot be done without the pride in their work Brian and Troy display.
  • Grace Hartman & Kerry Wilkerson – We are thankful for Grace and Kerry’s amazing ability to serve over 100 students each day with just the two of them. Grace and Kerry complete this each and everyday with ease.
  • Raymond Fisher – Words cannot describe how thankful we are for Raymond. He is always willing to accommodate for any student, field trip, or safety measure to ensure Morning Sun students are transported where they need to go.
  • Deb McElhinney –  We are thankful for Deb’s organizational abilities. When we hear from supervisors who examine our health records how great ours are compared to other schools, we are thankful for Deb more than she’ll know.  
  • Tracy Almelien – We are thankful Tracy creates an environment where all students feel exceptional. She does this each and every time she enters our building.
  • Marj Gibson – We are thankful for the proficiency Marj creates in our students. The library lessons she brings are well thought out and each has a purpose towards learning.
  • Andrea McBeth – We are thankful for Andrea’s drive to serve Morning Sun. Andrea ensures our technology is up and running constantly while teaching full time in another district.
  • Mike Peterson – We are thankful for Mike’s guidance in a time of changing education. Mike is able to keep our school informed on the ever changing educational landscape.  
  • Jennifer Greiner, Roxanne Smith, Mike Crow, Ashley Zweibhomer, and Jon Malone – We are thankful for our school boards forward thinkinking. Our school board continues to push the envelope to ensure our teachers, students, and community remain competitive in our society.
  • Morning Sun Parents – We are thankful for the positive involvement each of you have in your students education. It truly takes a team effort to educate our students and our parents are part of that successful team.  
  • PTO and Tiger Pride – We are thankful for the passion these groups show for Morning Sun. These groups work extremely hard to show how supportive our community is towards the education our school provides.


On a personal note, I would like to say how thankful I am for my family. For those of you married to a person who is gone three to four nights a week for work, you understand how much burden is put on our home. My wife is able to ensure our kids are cared for, our house is clean, and excel at a full time job all while I am not home most nights. Our children are used to being hauled around for the sake of their parents jobs.


When we are grateful, our eyes are open to possibilities that are right in front of us. We at Morning Sun are hopeful you are grateful this holiday weekend and see each opportunity we will provide for this community and the ones you will provide for us.



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