Plant a tree you’ll never see

I am in the middle of reading “Legacy” by James Kerr and tonight a message stuck out to me, “Be a good ancestor. Plant a tree you’ll never see.” This quote was relatable in many areas of my life.

I think back to my childhood. Each day my dad and grandpa would come in from the field for lunch. Each day my grandpa would pitch to me while lunch was being prepared. This routine took place each summer until my grandpa was too sick to help on the farm. My Grandpa died in 1996. I went on to enjoy high school baseball and play baseball in college. We won four conference titles while I was on the team the last of which came in 2004. My grandpa planted a tree he never saw.

I think back to the many teachers I had growing up. Mrs. Venghaus, Mrs. Alliman, Mrs. Thurman, Mrs. McBride, Mrs. Fry, Mr. Siegel, Mr. Wachs, Mr. Wilkerson, Mrs. Mullin, Mr. Wrede, and many more. Each of them took a chance to work on a tree they may never see. Some of these people get to see this tree they worked on and I hope they are proud of how it turned out but each of those teachers planted a tree they may not have ever seen.

Everyday I have the privilege to work with educators who take a chance and plant a tree they may never see. For Morning Sun teachers this is especially true. Morning Sun kids leave our building and go to a complete different district. We do not not see the trees growth after the 6th grade. Each group of students we plant the tree the best we can with the understand we will never see it grow.

This is so unlike any other profession. In other professions, if you plant the tree and it grows the people reap the fruit off its branches. Salesman receive commission, employees receive profit sharing and promotions.

Educators plant the tree if they see it or not just hoping they did the best job they could. If a student receives a large scholarship an educator isn’t receiving a cut. If a student is an all-state athlete or fine arts performer, there is not a bonus. If a coach has a team win a conference or state title there is not a promotion waiting. If a student-teacher is hired, there is not a finders fee for training that person.

This is why educators are different than most other people. Each person in a school district plants a tree they may never see each and every year! Then they come back and do it over and over again.





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