Featured Morning Sun Alumni: Gina (Blair) Hagge

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In September the excitement of school starting is still resonating through the halls of Morning Sun. With that type of excitement we still want to promote an education this month. With that we were able to find one of our own to celebrate. Morning Sun’s very Gina (Blair) Hagge. Gina was a junior when Morning Sun High School closed down. She was in the first class to graduate with our partner districts. That experience did not deter her passion for education, but helped strengthen it with her time at Morning Sun. This months Morning Sun Featured Alumni is Gina (Blair) Hagge. 


Gina (Blair) Hagge


Verla Bigger and the late Dan Blair

Family (spouse, children, ect.)?

Husband -Jason

Son – Kaleb – sophomore at Mt. Mercy University

Son – Lauren – senior at WMU

Which Partner High School did you attend?

Winfield-Mt. Union

High School Activities and Awards:

Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Band, National Honor Society

All conference Softball and Volleyball

Which College did you attend and your major?

Upper Iowa University

Elementary Education with endorsement areas in Reading and Early Childhood

College Activities and Awards:


All-Academic Softball Team

Graduated with honors

Current Occupation?

Title I, Reading Recovery and Preschool Teacher at Morning Sun Elementary

Why are you proud of Morning Sun?

I am proud of the fact that I call Morning Sun my home because I love living in a community that is small and close knit. Everyone looks out for one another and our community always pulls together in times of need. I don’t know how many times when I have been asked where I am from and I say Morning Sun people say “that sounds like a beautiful place to live”.

What is your favorite Morning Sun memory?

I guess my memories would have to be my experiences in school. My class was the last Kindergarten class to attend the old grade school. While there we each made a plaque to hang in the new elementary school hallway. My lop sided rainbow still hangs right outside my preschool classroom. Then, as I entered high school, we started sharing sports programs with WMU. At that time volleyball, wrestling and baseball were housed at Morning Sun, so I was able to wear green and white and be a Tiger during volleyball. Finally, sadly Morning Sun decided to close the high school at the end of my junior year. My classmates and I had to go our separate ways during our final year of high school. Everything happens for a reason and I feel closing our high school made us a stronger community. The community fought to keep our elementary school in tact. Still today the community is continually supporting our school and keeping it a strong and vital part of Morning Sun!

Why do you still value your Morning Sun roots?

I value my MS roots so much that I moved back after graduating college to work at the school that I attended as a child. I also had the great opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the teachers that I had as a student. I am proud to say that both of my children also got to experience the awesome Morning Sun education that I had the pleasure of receiving.

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