Morning Sun: Proud but the work is not done.

Under state and federal law, Iowa is required to publish report cards reflecting every public school’s performance on multiple measures. These Iowa School Performance Profiles help stakeholders understand how their schools are serving students, as well as identify those schools that require support and improvements provided by the state. Report cards and designations were released to the public yesterday. 


On the report card schools can be designated as Exceptional, High Performing, Commendable, Acceptable, Needs Improvement, and Priority.  This year Morning Sun Elementary was designated as a High Performing school with a composite score of 65.63 (out of 100).


You may be asking, those sound nice for Morning Sun, but what does that mean? Our kids feed into either Wapello or Winfield-Mt. Union. Those schools participate in the Southeast Iowa Super Conference. The schools of this conference are who our students will compete with on the athletic fields, art shows, band contests, and science fairs. In this arena our Morning Sun students competed well.

The Morning Sun staff is proud of our score, but as a certain staff member reminds me “we hope for more than just success in our conference. We want to compete on the state level. We want our kids to leave Morning Sun and compete outside of this little world.”


With the concern of our staff member in mind, we put together the composites scores of the school buildings in the state. Morning Sun Elementary had a composite score putting our building 32nd in the state. This is quite the accomplishment by our school. 


Though we are proud of this data placing Morning Sun in a positive light, we know our work is not done. If you were to look at our Performance Profile there are many areas we can improve as a building. Our staff has already started working on those areas of improvement while continuing to ensure our strengths stay strengths. 


You can dive deeper into our Iowa School Performance Profile at ( or contact Mr. Carlson.


When you see a staff member, student, or parent be sure to thank them for all their hard work to ensure our students receive the education to compete with anyone.  

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